Our ranger program is instrumental in creating employment opportunities.

Our junior rangers are completing Certificate III and IV in our land and sea ranger program.

The aim of this program is to engage youth and long-term unemployed people and provide opportunities for them that will lead to employment.

Ten students are commencing this program in April. This program is supported by the Wet Tropics Management Authority. The work our youths undertake is assisting the environment, so it’s a win-win situation. Projects include weed management, water quality testing and a revegetation program.

GBRMPA has so far granted us $55,000 this year to assist with this program. 

Liberty Studios (storytelling)

A group of elders from the Edwards family has been visiting Liberty Studios in Innisfail to record some of their traditional stories. Some of these stories can be traced back 200 years.

They have been translated from their traditional language into English and recorded on to DVDs and MP3s. This is an important part of our cultural heritage, so our stories can be passed on to future generations. Our Dreamtime stories are called ‘Bulurru’.

These are important stories because they provide information about our land, our sacred sites and intricate knowledge about our culture. Recording and playing these stories will give our next generation a reference and a point of origin.  

Goondoi Gallery and Museum

We are aiming to establish an art gallery and museum on our existing land, adjacent to the Radiant Life College. The arts facility will house an art gallery, an exhibition space, workshops and studios for resident artists, educational areas and administration offices. The facility will also cater for visitors to view artists at work. 

The museum will be a dedicated area to allow visitors to view and be interactive with local indigenous history. It will include static displays, interactive multimedia displays and hands-on areas where visitors can participate in painting, music and other activities. We anticipate the gallery and museum will become a premier tourism attraction in the region, as such, we would also love to incorporate a retail area and a coffee shop.

We are also hoping to incorporate a cultural park and glamping. We have been granted $2.7 million for the first stage and hope to begin construction in May/June. We are hoping to source people with a skill base to assist us in the initial start-up phase, including architects, builders, accountants, visual and performing artists and people to assist with grant submissions.